The firm offers assistance in matters related to residence permits and immigration. Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of the relevant laws and regulations, the firm can guide clients through the bureaucratic procedures necessary to obtain a residence permit. This includes filling out application forms, obtaining necessary documentation, providing legal advice, and offering competent support for foreign citizens.

The firm also assists clients in obtaining authorisation for self-employment or subordinate work and family reunification processes.

Consultancy is conducted by means of a questionnaire designed to highlight personal needs, socio-economic and family status in the country of origin, the level of knowledge of the Italian language, and the national and international legal status.

Successful applicants will be tracked onto a second phase of assistance, and consultancy activities will follow, gathering all the necessary documentation for applying for an entry visa or residence permit.

If your initial application is unsuccessful, we will endeavour to identify possible alternative solutions within the complex field of immigration law.