International inheritance law


In the era of globalisation and the internationalisation of personal and professional relationships, many families and businesses have transferred wealth and assets abroad, giving rise to a new legal sector: international inheritance law. Frequently, doubts and disputes arise among heirs concerning the distribution of the deceased’s assets.

Which law applies? What share am I entitled to? Can a will made abroad exclude me from inheritance? How can I relinquish the inheritance?

The Firm offers specific advice on your inheritance rights, assisting you in the preliminary phase and any
possible legal disputes in Italy and abroad.


For every succession, it is advisable to seek the assistance of an expert lawyer to address all legal and tax issues transparently and competently. These issues could otherwise become sources of disputes or uncertainties in the future. If you own assets in Italy and wish to draft a will or require guidance in locating Italian succession documents, the Firm can provide valuable support.


The Firm can assist you in inheritance disputes, endeavouring, where possible, to reach an out-of-court settlement agreement. If necessary, we can also represent you in Italian courts. The Firm always seeks alternative dispute resolutions, with litigation considered the last resort. Additionally, we handle all bureaucratic and administrative aspects related to interactions with competent authorities and national or foreign jurisdictional authorities. This includes tasks such as filing and publishing wills, issuing inheritance certificates, or transcribing real estate rights.


The Firm can provide advice and assistance in all procedural aspects, including fiscal and tax matters, related to an estate, including the payment of inheritance tax.

The succession declaration is a mandatory requirement, primarily of a fiscal nature, through which the transfer of the deceased’s estate to the heirs is reported to the Revenue Agency. It also determines the taxes owed based on the current regulatory framework. Compliance with the Italian inheritance tax procedure represents an essential condition heirs must meet to receive their assets.


The cadastral transfer is a procedure aimed at changing the owner of a property, whether it’s land or a building. It becomes necessary, among other reasons, in the event of the owner’s death and, therefore, in cases of succession, whether through legitimate or testamentary means. The request for cadastral transfer must be submitted within 30 days of filing the succession report.

The Firm offers assistance throughout the entire procedure at the relevant offices, striving to provide all the necessary documentation to facilitate the transfer of ownership of a real estate asset.