Real estate law

The firm specialises in real estate law and caters to Italian and foreign investors involved in property transactions. We provide legal advice and comprehensive procedural support from due diligence, financing, property searches and property acquisition, disposal, and asset appraisal at every process stage.

In particular, the firm offers assistance and consultancy on:
1) Purchase and sale of residential and commercial properties
2) Due diligence
3) Special financing option
4) Mutual loan and home insurance
5) Taxation and fiscal aspects
6) Rental contracts and other forms of investment
7) Litigation
8) Meditation or Arbitration

“Purchasing a property in Italy is generally no more complex than buying one in your home country. However, it’s crucial to understand that the system and process can be quite different and not always straightforward. While the end goal is the same, and some aspects of the process may be similar, such as contract searches and property inspections, local customs can vary significantly, and language barriers can pose challenges. Moreover, terminology that may appear similar to English can have entirely different meanings in Italian. Therefore, it’s essential to rely on the right and competent professional guidance.”

Conducting due diligence is the first and most crucial step in a property purchase. The firm will thoroughly review the documents related to the property before signing the preliminary contract and, even more importantly, before signing the final contract. The quantity and quality of these documents will mainly depend on the type of property you are acquiring. Acquiring these documents can often be complex because various administrative offices and agencies issue them. These documents may include but are not limited to, the deed of origin, building permit certificate, development authorisation, urban planning law compliance, amnesty concession, and more.

A power of attorney can be granted in various circumstances, such as when buying or selling Italian property, handling Italian inheritance claims and cross-border inheritance procedures, formalising hereditary property transfers, or initiating a legal dispute in Italy. Suppose you plan to purchase property in Italy but cannot personally travel there. In that case, you can grant a trusted individual the power to represent you and act on your behalf to complete the purchase. It’s essential to exercise caution when granting an extraordinary power of attorney, as you are delegating the management of your legal and financial affairs. Therefore, entrusting this authority to a reliable and competent person, preferably a professional, is crucial.

Acquiring a mortgage may be necessary when purchasing a house, and just like the property purchase process, understanding the laws and the Italian language can be crucial. The firm has extensive experience in helping clients secure mortgages and maintain close partnerships with several Italian banks. This collaboration enables us to secure the most favourable financing terms, including competitive interest rates. Additionally, after acquiring a property, it’s equally important to ensure it through insurance. The firm can provide expert guidance to help you choose the insurance policy that best suits your needs.

“When you embark on the significant step of buying a house, you’ll encounter numerous bureaucratic tasks that require attention, along with various taxes and duties that must be paid to ensure the valid transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer. In real estate transactions involving private individuals, or when an individual rather than a company sells a property, taxation entails payment of a series of taxes. These taxes can vary depending on whether the property is intended as a primary or secondary residence. It’s crucial to
rely on competent professionals who can guide you, ensuring the use of the best strategies for reducing tax liabilities without taking unnecessary risks.”

Regarding acquiring a property for rental income, the firm manages real estate assets and all related legal procedures. This includes the drafting and management of rental contracts. In cases involving construction and redevelopment projects, the firm assists clients in drafting, financing, design, project finance, and procurement contracts. The firm is prepared to intervene to find resolutions when disputes arise, whether in a legal or non-legal context.
While always prioritising out-of-court solutions and considering litigation as a last resort, the firm is ready to provide assistance and legal representation in real estate law disputes. These disputes can arise from critical issues during negotiations, the issuance of authorisations, or dealings with the contracted construction company.
We assist with arbitration, from alternative dispute resolution to out-of-court settlements and mediation between the involved parties. We aim to negotiate on your behalf, mediating between the parties to help you achieve a favourable outcome.